miercuri, 18 septembrie 2013
The Last Archive, apocalypse and a new work of art
The Last Archive was founded in December 2012 by Vlad Basalici, an artist who lives and works in Bucharest, Romania.

 This archive contains newspapers from all over the world that were published on December 21st 2012, the day that had been predicted to be the last day before the Apocalypse. The newspapers were gathered after a public call with the generous support of people from different continents, who sent journals published in their countries.

 The point of interest for The Last Archive is not the apocalypse itself, but rather the relationship between the end of the world and the news. We ask ourselves what the role of mass media is: to exacerbate or to exhaust the novelty of the end of all things? These are strange times when newspapers are soon to be extinct, being replaced instead by the internet as the source for news. It isn’t yet the apocalypse for newspapers, but we can see everywhere the signs of the end for the printed era.

 Today we are launching a fundraising campaign to bring an artist that will create a work of art to engage The Last Archive.

Here is the link for this campaign



vineri, 21 octombrie 2011
What Remains: The Life and Work of Sally Mann

sâmbătă, 17 septembrie 2011
Daca voi nu ne vreti, noi va vrem

In Eseul sau "Sculpture in the Expanded Field " din 1979 Rosalind Krauss vorbea despre logica sculpturii care e inseparabila de logica monumentului. Prin prisma acestei conexiuni sculptura este o reprezentare comemorativa . Sta intr-un loc anume si vorbeste intr-o limba simbolica despre sensul si utilizarea acelui spatiu.

Seria de interventii propuse de Alexandra Pirici grupului de performeri care graviteaza in jurul Centrului National al Dansului chestioneaza chiar acest mod de a folosi spatiu public prin care i se  traseaza o "proiectie iluzorie a unui trecut glorios care nu mai are nici o legatura cu prezentul" . Prin interventiile sale paraziteaza acest spatiu proxim monumentelor din Bucuresti si creaza un interval al ambiguitatii care ne face sa ne intrebam in ce masura aceste spatii mai sunt publice sau doar un camp de lupta al semnelor si semnificatiilor ideologice.

“Daca voi nu ne vreti, noi va vrem”
Proiect de interventie in spatiul public Finantat de Centrul National al Dansului, Bucuresti
Concept: Alexandra Pirici 

Participanti: Mihaela Dancs, Vlad Basalici, Florin Flueras, Andreea Novac, Bogdan Draganescu, Madalina Dan, Andrei Dinu, Adriana Gheorghe, Ana -Maria Ciceala, Jean- Lorin Sterian, Maria Mora, Anca Benera, Alexandra Pirici
marți, 5 iulie 2011
Android Birthday
Robots have no need for annually recurring birthdays, but would celebrating their anniversaries of creation enable us to empathise with them to a greater degree? This is a short video portrait exploring how a robot might celebrate such a 'birthday'.

Created at the Royal College of Art, Design Interactions Department

Created by Kevin Grennan
Cast Sylvi Kim
marți, 17 mai 2011
Franz Xaver Messerschmidt
miercuri, 26 ianuarie 2011
Original title: Szél
Year of production: 1996
Shooting format: 35mm
Director: Marcell Iványi
Scriptwriter: Marcell Iványi

miercuri, 19 ianuarie 2011
GM Futurama - 1939 World's Fair

duminică, 16 ianuarie 2011
Jeffrey Shaw - Disappearance

In this work the movement of a large video monitor mounted on an industrial fork-lift truck creates a virtual representation of a larger than life size ballerina. As the forklift moves the monitor up and down the ballerina is presented from head to toe, and as the forklift truck rotates the ballerina also appears to turn. In this way the monitor functions as a window that gradually reveals the virtual presence of the ballerina who is dancing in the same axis as the rotating forklift truck.

Also visible inside the motor compartment of the forklift truck is a small rotating ballerina figurine in front of which a video camera moves up and down. This mechanism is electronically synchronised with the movement of the forklift itself and provides the closed circuit source for the video image of the ballerina that is seen on the monitor screen.

Disappearance evokes and celebrates the memory of the ballerina on a music box (a first generation robot) and generates her virtual reconstruction to the extent that the machinery of reproduction itself now incarnates her pirouettes.

marți, 2 noiembrie 2010
TAREK ATOUI - "Un-drum / strategies of surviving noise

vineri, 29 octombrie 2010
Pan American - Quiet city

Discover the playlist pan smerican with Pan-American