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Emmy The Great
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UPside Down
Un proiect la care lucram acum pentru Berlin. Verniaajul expozitiei va fi pe 8 septembrie 2009. O parte din proiect a putut fi vazuta pe Verona la Street Delivery. In incheiere e un text despre proiect.

UPsidedown - a case study and a pilot proposal for a block in Balta Albă

Built in the 1960s, Balta Alba is a huge and typical modernist neighborhood from Bucharest: slabs, generous greenery, medium density, and a balanced architectural quality. There is a strong demand for urban functions, an opportunity for free commercial initiative and a good population mix that give it a potential for rehabilitation operations.

Our proposal focuses on some big buildings located on the main streets. Their ground floors are still inhabited, which is not very comfortable for the tenants and quite unpractical when it comes to using the spaces in front of these blocks.

Upside down deals with building of some new apartments over the top floor; they would offer better standard and larger areas to the tenants of the ground floor. Thus, once the ground floor is freed, it could be taken by the city hall and rented to various services.

If the rent and taxes from the commercial agents working in such spaces go entirely to the city hall that initiates the project, then the tenant association could negotiate a smaller percentage for their contribution to the building maintenance and for parking. We think that such constant income could go back to the association through coherent rehabilitation programs that would include passive protection elements (shutters, shading) or sun panels.
This operation would be extremely advantageous for the tenants, ease the traffic, help social cohesion, and finally, it would give a new urban identity to the zone.

A comprehensive, coherent project is needed, that should be coordinated by an agency that would ensure transparent communication with the tenant association should be created and negotiate the tenants interest with local authorities.

Concept Point 4 (Jean CRAIU / Carmen POPESCU/ Justin BARONCEA/ Adrian DOBRE)

Visual Concept & programming ( Cristian Iordache & Vlad Basalici)
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Camille beatbox
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National Geographic Mini-Documentary on Taken By Trees
“For her latest recording project Swedish musician Victoria Bergsman, known by her artist name Taken by Trees, wanted to record in a relatively uncharted location to create an artistic environment that transcended the clinical ambiance of modern recording studios… Through footage filmed in Pakistan and Bergsman’s personal reflections this mini-documentary recounts the project from conception to realization.” –National Geographic.

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Come wander with me
Come wander with me,1964
The Twilight Zone (S5 Ep154) Original airdate: May 22, 1964

sursa : come-wander-with-me.blogspot.com/
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AVion_13: Pictoplasma – Characters in Motion
Fresh Best OF selection from Pictoplasma’s festivals 2008 and 2009, plus some new, never before screened material.


Looking Through The B-Sides

Saiman Chow

I Can See You, Can You See Me

Eric Lerner

music: Rex The Dog

Keepon Dancing

robotics: Marek Michalowski

music: Spoon


Paul Rayment

music: Super Furry Animals

The Black Dog’s Progress

Stephen Irwin

Please Say Something

David OReilly

music: David Kamp / Bram Meindersma

LoveSport Paintball

Grant Orchard / StudioAKA

I Want Nothing


music: The Black Ghosts



music: Hifana

treet Art: Joshua Allen Harris' Inflatable Bag Monsters

A Secret Message To You by Devics from the album " Push The Heart". Directed by Marco Morandi


Satoru Ohno

music: MAS

Stayin Alive


music: La Chose & Mirwais

Middle Dog Gets Angry

George Gendi


Oury Atlan, Thibaut Berland, Damien Ferrié

Over Time - Oury Atlan, Thibaut Berland and Damien Ferrié


Marco Morandi


Simple Song

Eun-Ha Paek

music: The Residents
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Curtis Roads @ Motherboard
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Japan : A Story of Love and Hate

Japan: A Story of Love and Hate

BBC, NHK Japan, 2008

Format : HDCAM & DigiBeta

Running Time :

BBC4 - 60mins, NHK - 110mins

Country : UK, Japan

Language : English, Japanese

Producer: Sean McAllister & Johnny Burke

Director : Sean McAllister

Editor : Ollie Huddleston

Photography : Sean McAllister

Sound : Sean McAllister

Production Company: Tenfoot Films

Distributor : Lombardo Films